Bridge Stories

Read about Bridge pupil, Natasha’s journey from Bridge classroom to a scholarship in the United States:


Bridge’s highest performing pupils have gone on to receive scholarships for prominent boarding schools in the United States. Thirteen year old Natasha Wambui Wanjiru, who was raised by her mother in the Kabiria area of Nairobi, was one of them.

She attended Bridge Academy, Kabiria sitting her KCPE in 2015. Her score of 364 resulted in her being awarded a full ride scholarship worth $59,000 (KSh24 million) per year for four years to an American high school.

Natasha joined Bridge with her younger brother in 2013 and saw a poster saying that she could be eligible for a scholarship to study in the US. “I got really inspired,” she says, “I never knew that something that great could happen to me. So I worked really hard because I knew if I could study in the United States it would really help my family.”

This is the fourth scholarship awarded to a Bridge pupil to study in the United States, along with over 100 scholarships awarded to Bridge pupils to complete secondary school in Kenya. Bridge hopes that there will be more opportunities for scholarships to secondary schools in 2017 and beyond.

Learn about Bridge teacher Julieann’s experience of teaching at Bridge:

Teacher Julieann Wambui Kimani studied history and education and now works at Bridge as a teacher in Kenya. Previously she taught at public schools but says that teaching at Bridge is quite different. “At government schools I was taught what to teach but at Bridge I was taught how to teach: better class management, how to connect more with my kids. That made me a better teacher.” Bridge contributes to local economies by hiring directly from surrounding communities like Juliann’s and understands the importance of having smart, talented women in classrooms to inspire girls in class to stay involved in education.