At Bridge, we believe that every child has the right to a high-quality education.

We deliver carefully prepared standardised, yet customisable, lessons across all of our schools. We also create our own books, materials, teaching songs and symbols for enabling positive behavioural management, and more. All this combined makes a very engaging experience for pupils.

We focus on the results our pupils achieve and the time teachers spend on each aspect of the lesson, this has been proven essential to the delivery of an effective basic education. We ensure regular monthly assessments across all of our schools – to assess progress against specific learning objectives – for pupils, teachers, school managers, parents and of course, for Bridge itself.

We always teach the curriculum of the host countries in which we operate. But the lesson plans we use to deliver it are developed and prepared by world leading education experts at Bridge. We place a greater focus on basic literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills in early grades than in other schools.

Bridge lesson plans are delivered using teacher computers, which seamlessly sync with our technology platform, giving us the ability to record attendance – of both pupils and teachers – and assessment scores, monitor lesson pacing and measure pupil comprehension in addition to providing the lessons themselves.

We believe that it’s essential to support teachers. Our pre-prepared lessons include step-by-step instructions explaining what teachers should do and say during any given moment of a class. This allows us to bring best-in-class instruction, international expertise and academic experts into every single Bridge classroom no matter where it is.

Our teachers say that not only does this take away the burden of planning countless new lessons, but it enables them to spend their time focusing on the children in their classrooms. This approach also allows us to train teachers faster and provides continuity as children progress through the grades at Bridge schools, an approach unmatched in other school systems.

Every single Bridge school benefits from this structure and approach and consequently so does every single pupil. Essentially, the model we use offers our pupils the kind of education they would never have access to through any other system.

As well as academic excellence, we provide – and encourage – our pupils to participate in co-curricular activities. Watch this video to find out more: