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Liberian schools children smile to the camera

Africa Is A Continent Where Education Reform Is Working

Education is both political and complex. There are many who take an ideological position against reform and resist innovation and change. They resist the notion of parental choice, mixed education … Read More

Kenyan school pupils stand outside Bridge school with Kenyan flag

Bridge Selected As Government Partner To Pilot New Kenyan Curriculum

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development and the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has selected a Bridge academy in Kinna, Kenya to participate in the new curriculum pilot. … Read More

Bridge effect: school child reading book

The trend of evidence shows the bridge effect is real

Bridge is driven by learning gains. The accumulating evidence from internal and external studies clearly shows Bridge students learn more than their peers at traditional public schools. Bridge students do … Read More

Four Bridge pupils with globe. Partnership Schools for Liberia.

Exciting learning gains evidenced by Bridge at Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL)

An exciting new report reveals impressive learning gains achieved at Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) in just four months. The first study on learning gains to be released as … Read More

Bridge awarded 43 more schools in Liberia

The Liberian Ministry of Education has allocated Bridge an extra 43 public schools for year two of Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL). The new allocation means that Bridge will be … Read More

Pursuing school registration in Kenya

In Kenya, 17% of children are not in primary school at all, a significant percentage considering what this means for the growth, health and prosperity of thousands of Kenyan children … Read More

A new technology partnership in Nigeria

Bridge is committed to helping governments achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal four as quickly as possible. The target is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong … Read More

Families need a mix of school providers in Africa

Everyone will be affected by the success or failure of education in Africa. Despite decades of global effort, Sub-Sahara Africa still has 30 million primary school age children who are … Read More

Miss World Africa, visits Bridge and 5 siblings awarded scholarships

Five sisters dropped out of school three years ago after their mother became terminally ill and never returned. With the assistance of full scholarships, the siblings are set to study … Read More