David Ikpo

Bridge Academy, Jegun: Lagos State, Nigeria.

David Ikpo (pictured left) is 6-years-old and attends Bridge Academy, Jegun in Lagos State, southern Nigeria. He loves reading and it’s not uncommon to find him reading out loud in front of his whole class, followed by a thunderous ‘super cheer’ from his classmates for a job well done.

Before joining Bridge, David could barely read whole words let alone sentences. His mother, Stella Ikpo was planning to enrol him at a nearby school but his literacy and numeracy skills would have meant him struggling to keep up. A chance meeting led to the local Bridge Academy Manager offering to enrol him in Nursery Class 2. Here, David quickly learnt to read and express himself and has never looked back after gaining an insatiable appetite for reading books. He now reads one book a week and has acquired a wide circle of friends, in part due to his love of storytelling and passion for chess and football.

David’s has only been able to uncover his passion for reading due to the generous support of a sponsor.

His mother says, “I’m so proud of David, he has improved a lot since joining Bridge being able to entire stories and novels on his own. If I type anything on my phone and David is standing behind me, he can read it. He doesn’t allow anybody help him with his homework.”  

Bridge schools are located in communities living in extreme poverty. They give parents a choice and children the chance to fulfil their dreams. Alongside delivering strong academic results, they take a holistic approach to education, championing the value of co-curricular activities in helping a child to become self-confident, develop teamwork and leadership skills and have fun learning.

If, like David, you believe every child should be able to realise their true potential – sponsor a child today.