Kammaluchukwu ‘Kammal’ Rose-Mary Okoli

Bridge Academy, Jegun: Lagos State, Nigeria.

Kammal is in Class 4 at Bridge Academy, Jegun in Lagos State, southern Nigeria. When she grows up she wants to be an actress, saying “actresses entertain people and I get to be different characters and tell different stories, which makes me and other people happy.” Kammal’s teacher says it is not hard to imagine Kammal as an actress, because “you can see her articulation and charisma when she is given group work or when she is called upon to answer questions.” Kammal is at the top of her class and continues to excel in Bridge.

Without the generous support of a sponsorship, Kammal would never have developed into the articulate and charismatic young woman that all girls deserve to become.

Bridge schools are located in communities living in extreme poverty. They give parents a choice and children the chance to fulfil their dreams. Alongside delivering strong academic results, they take a holistic approach to education, championing the value of co-curricular activities in helping a child to become self-confident, develop teamwork and leadership skills and have fun learning.

Below is a letter than Kammal wrote to Bridge in Class 3:

“My name is Kammaluchukwu Rose-Mary Okoli. I am 7 years old. I am in Primary 3 and I like Bridge because they are known for knowledge and are trustworthy. I like Bridge and I wish they would build more schools. Visitors and headquarters, I give you a super cheer. You have done more than enough for everybody. Thank you for making us Super Stars.”

If, like Kammal, you believe every young girl should be articulate and confident – sponsor a child today.