Sponsoring a Child

At Bridge, we believe that every child should be able to realise their full potential, regardless of income – that’s why we work hard to ensure every child has access to the high-quality, affordable education. Yet, despite Bridge’s affordability, some families struggle to pay even the lowest school fees at times. Our public sponsorship program ensures that promising pupils that really need financial help can receive and in some cases continue their education without worrying.

For the price of just one coffee a week – YOU can change a child’s future

Meet some of our pupils:

Ukasha (left) is in Class 3 at Bridge Academy, Bugiri in the Bugiri District of eastern Uganda. Both his mother and father are local vendors, his mother says “he has always enjoyed playing with coins and counting things.” After a year in school he was still unable to count in double-digits or even complete the simplest mathematical equation; his parents, worried by his progress, enrolled him at their local Bridge academy. After two years with Bridge, not only is he excelling in Maths, he is near the top of his class. Click here to read more.

Kammal is eight years old from Lagos, Nigeria; when she grows up she wants to be an actress, saying “actresses entertain people and I get to be different characters and tell different stories, which makes me and other people happy.” Kammal’s teacher says it is not hard to imagine Kammal as an actress, because one can see her articulation and charisma when she is given group work or when she is called upon to answer questions. Kammal is at the top of her class and continues to excel in Bridge. Click here to read more.

Wandera is 12 years old from eastern Uganda. It’s his dream to become a pilot so that he can see “all the corners of the world.” Wandera is not only at the top of his class with his academic performance, but also a master of leadership. He enjoys guiding his classmates in group projects always being a “captain” because of his unique and effective leadership skills that Bridge helped him to discover. Click here to read more.

Sponsorship of just $140 (£110: €120) covers the academy fees for a Bridge pupil* for the school year and includes:

  • nearly 50 hours of teaching a week for an academic year;
  • textbooks for every subject;
  • fun reading books;
  • practical learning tools;
  • homework books;
  • co-curricular activities;
  • a new school uniform; and,
  • and more.

What you’ll receive in return:

  • You will receive an introductory note on the name and story of the pupil you have sponsored.;
  • You will receive progress updates each term on how your sponsored pupil is performing throughout the school year; and,
  • You will have supported a child to realise their full potential and achieve their dreams.

* Liberian children are not eligible to participate in sponsorship as they attend Partnership Schools for Liberia for free, funded by the Liberian government. 

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