Sponsorship FAQs

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How are pupils selected for sponsorship?

In order to apply to be matched with a sponsorship donor, families must have demonstrated that they are struggling to provide for their child’s education; they must have completed the previous academic year at Bridge, and be one of the top five pupils in their class based on the end of term exams. Additionally, pupils must submit an essay along with any application (for younger pupils, often it is the parent that writes this essay; sometimes with the help of an Academy Manager, if requested).

How do pupils receive their sponsorship?

Once a pupil is matched with a donor, that pupil and their family are notified immediately. Once receiving the sponsorship, Bridge credits that family’s account for that academic year. Bridge operates a cash-free model, so all money is transferred digitally.

Does all of the money I donate go to my sponsored pupil?

The money you donate goes directly to cover the school years of the pupil you are matched with. A very small portion of the donation amount is used to fund the operational expenses of keeping the sponsorship programme running.

If a pupil has been at Bridge for a year and is already paying their fees, why does my sponsorship make a difference?

Some families are really struggling to pay their school fees and this can result in a lot of worries or a disrupted school experience for a child. Bridge families want the best education they can afford and our schools offer exactly that – a choice of a high-quality education when often there is none. Our very low fees allow the poorest communities in the world to attain a much better education than the local alternative. However, this does not mean that for many it is often a struggle – receiving sponsorship and provide a tremendous world of financial difference – and, in some cases, be the financial help a family needs to keep their child in school.

How do I know if my sponsorship has been received?

Once a donor is matched with a pupil, we send the sponsored pupil and their donor a notification.  Sponsored pupils will be notified of their sponsorship, while donors receive an introductory email about their sponsored pupil, including their age, gender, favourite subject, application essay, and a photo.  At the end of each term (three times a year), Bridge will also email donors an update on the academic performance of their sponsored pupil.

Can I send my sponsored pupil additional money or gifts, or contact him/her in any way?

Our pupils’ focus and safety are of our utmost concern. Unfortunately, we do not promote direct communication between donors and sponsored pupils at this time.  We are working on a way to be able to provide this type of contact in the future.

Are donations tax-deductible?

No, donations are not currently tax-deductible at this point in time. For US donors it is worth noting that Bridge does not have 501(c)3 status.