Ukasha Hassan

Bridge Academy, Bugiri: Bugiri District, Uganda

Ukasha Hassan (pictured left) is in Class 3 at Bridge Academy, Bugiri in the Bugiri District of eastern Uganda. Both his mother and father are local vendors, his mother says “he has always enjoyed playing with coins and counting things.” After a year in school he was still unable to count in double-digits or even complete the simplest mathematical equation; his parents, worried by his progress, enrolled him at their local Bridge academy. After two years with Bridge, not only is he excelling in Maths, he is near the top of his class.

Bridge uses innovative wireless technology to bring world-class lesson plans based on the Ugandan curriculum to every classroom and pupil in Uganda, leading to impressive learning gains like those shown by Ukasha. He dreams of one day becoming a banker so that he “can use the maths I am learning every day.”

Without a life-changing sponsorship, Ukasha would never have learned to count or dare to dream of one day becoming a banker.

Ukasha’s grandfather credits Bridge with giving him self-confidence and helping him to find his voice and curiosity about the world around him, “he cares about his community and wants to take care of his family,” he says.

Bridge schools are located in communities living in extreme poverty. They give parents a choice and children the chance to fulfil their dreams. Alongside delivering strong academic results, they take a holistic approach to education, championing the value of co-curricular activities in helping a child to become self-confident, develop teamwork and leadership skills and have fun learning.

If, like Ukasha, you believe every child should be both in school and learning – sponsor a child today.