Wandera Eria

Bridge Academy, Bugiri: Bugiri District, Uganda

Wandera is 12-years-old and attends Bridge Academy, Bugiri in the Bugiri District of eastern Uganda. He dreams of one day becoming a pilot so that he can see “every corner of the world.” A Bridge pupil of three years he is very proud to have learnt to speak English fluently, the language of aviation.

He is top of his class and enjoys leading his classmates in group projects, taking pride in his nickname ‘Captain’ because of the unique and effective leadership skill that his Bridge teachers have helped him to discover. Through the use of a teaching computer, our teachers are free to interact with their pupils which gives them plenty of scope to ask questions, work independently and practise speaking in front of an entire classroom.

Wandera’s leadership and talent in languages could never have been accomplished without the generous support of a sponsorship – costing less than $3/week.

Bridge schools are located in communities living in extreme poverty. They give parents a choice and children the chance to fulfil their dreams. Alongside delivering strong academic results, they take a holistic approach to education, championing the value of co-curricular activities in helping a child to become self-confident, develop teamwork and leadership skills and have fun learning.

If, like Wandera, you believe every child is born leader – sponsor a child today.