Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia

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“The public side of a public-private partnership is just as important as the private side. Almost 28,000 children are enrolled in PSL schools, taught by re-invigorated and re-trained government teachers, supported by energised parents and resilient communities. They have the full backing of the Ministry of Education and I am proud of what has been achieved so far. The future of hundreds of thousands of Liberian children, their communities and our nation is at stake. We must not fail them.” – George K. Werner, Liberia’s Minister of Education

In 2016, Liberia’s Ministry of Education announced the Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) initiative. The initiative is an innovative public-private partnership where education providers with proven track records in delivering high-quality education are united with public primary schools across Liberia. Bridge was chosen as one of the first government partners for PSL.

Watch this short video to understand the motivations behind PSL:

Prosperity begins in the classroom and Bridge uses a data driven, evidence based model to deliver proven education gains for Liberian pupils and parents.

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