Bridge is working in partnership with government, communities, parents and teachers to help improve education outcomes in Uganda.

In 2017, our first cohort of pupils in Uganda sat their Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) which concluded with a 100% pass rate.

Those who pass their PLE exam are divided into four divisions, with the top performers in division one and the worst in division four. 93% of Bridge graduates reached Divisions 1 or 2, while nationwide only 56% of graduates scored in these top two divisions; falling to 44% in eastern Uganda where the majority of our schools are.

Bridge’s pass rate was 13 percentage points higher than the eastern average, and students were more than twice as likely to be placed in Division 1 or Division 2.

Read more about our PLE success here.

Bridge schools have been open in Uganda since 2015 and our success in the 2017 PLE is evidence of this and the fact that we teach the Ugandan curriculum. Enrolment is up in our schools, and we are working with the government on the licensing process.

“I am so proud of my success and my parents are really excited! I worked really hard and had lots of help from my teachers so hoped that I could do well. I want to be a Civil Servant… and maybe even a minister one day. Now it’s possible and I would never have achieved this without Bridge.” – Dada Jane Nabutere, 12-years-old and Bridge’s highest scoring PLE 2017 candidate

Prosperity begins in the classroom. We deliver data-driven, evidence-based education gains for thousands of Ugandan children and parents.