Meet the team

Bridge has big aspirations to change the world and help ensure that every child has access to a life changing education. 

Meet the team at the spearhead of this global effort. 

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer • Jay Kimmelman

Jay has been running Bridge since it started and oversees the whole social enterprise. He focuses on finance, fundraising and 
investment to ensure Bridge is accessible to even more children.

Co-founder and Chief Development Officer • Dr Shannon May

Shannon has a background in anthropology and teaching, and oversees Bridge’s growth into new partnerships with governments 
and organisations worldwide.

Chief Academic Officer • Sean Geraghty

Sean has a background in teaching and has many years of experience leading academic teams in Africa and the USA. He ensures 
that teachers and pupils get the best possible experience from Bridge’s academic content by leading the “learning lab” in the USA.

Chief Technology Officer • Kent McNeill

Kent leads technology teams around the world to ensure teachers and staff are properly supported as they help children to learn.

East Africa Managing Director • Andrew White

Andrew has over ten years of experience leading humanitarian work in Africa and oversees operations in Uganda and Kenya.

Bridge India Managing Director • Ranjit Koshi

Ranjit leads Bridge India  and is helping the Andhra Pradesh government change dilapidated buildings into high performing 
affordable schools.

Head of Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia • Marcus Wleh

Marcus is leading Bridge’s work in Africa’s oldest republic, and heads up a team dedicated to helping the Liberian government 
improve free, public, primary schools across the whole country.

Head of Bridge Nigeria • Olu Babalola

Olu has a global consultancy background and has overseen Bridge’s expansion across Nigeria, developing a range of 
innovative partnerships.  

Head of Bridge Schools Uganda • Morrison Rwakakamba

Morrison has years of experience leading teams in Uganda and is overseeing Bridge’s high quality education across Uganda.