Academic Results


Academic Assessments

At Bridge International Academies we use the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Math Assessment (EGMA) to evaluate our pupils’ performance.  These exams test reading and math comprehension on both a concrete and conceptual level.  These foundational skills are extraordinarily important as they are critical to the learning potential of every child.

We use the same firm as USAID to administer these exams.  The exams are conducted across a sample of 5,000 pupils from Bridge International Academies, government schools, and other neighborhood schools.  The assessment begins by placing all of the pupils into equal bands based on their incoming performance level.  This means that the pupils who perform lower at Bridge will be paired against pupils who perform lower at competitive schools, as will the average and higher performers.  After one year, we retest these same bands to assess the academic progression in their foundational skills.  By tracking pupils based on their starting performance levels, we can ensure that we’re measuring the impact of a child’s actual experience in his or her classroom.

On this page, you will find the improved academic results for our Class 2 pupils based on EGRA and EGMA assessments completed in 2012 (showing our improvement since 2011).  In the future, we will add other international exams into our evaluation portfolio as the assessment needs of our pupils change with their age.