Sponsor a Child

Bridge believes that every child has the right to a high quality education. We believe that every child should be able to realise their full potential, regardless of their families income – that’s why we work to ensure every child has access to a life-changing education.

Bridge is proud to partner with the non-profit Global Fund for Emerging Scholars to provide a sponsorship program for the neediest pupils.

The Global Fund for Emerging Scholars directly support pupils in marginalised and low-income areas so that they can achieve their full academic potential.

In underserved communities parents can sometimes struggle to consistently meet even the most affordable of school fees. Sponsorship can enable children can attain a life-changing education and pursue their dreams.

The Global Fund for Emerging Scholars aims to partner with education providers to ensure that pupils in sub-Saharan Africa and India have an opportunity to receive a life-changing education and fulfil their potential. It’s what every child deserves, and what any individual can help make a reality through sponsorship.

For just $12 USD a month, you can change a child’s life and provide a sponsored place at school.

To sponsor a child, and change a life visit Global Fund for Emerging Scholars HERE.

Meet two of the Bridge pupils who have had their lives changed by sponsorship:

Roseline Sein Gift Njami
Roseline Sein’s mum is a single parent and runs a small stall in Kiserian, Kenya to support her family. A good school is a luxury. Thankfully, Roseline is supported by a generous donor.

Roseline has an older sister and the income her mum gets is just enough to put food on the table. She loves Bridge, especially her science classes and says that going there has given her hope for her future.

When she grows up she wants to be a lawyer so she ‘can fight for Justice’. Her school sponsor is making that possible.

Gift lives in Kenya, his mum is a single parent and she raises her 3 children all by herself. She has spent a lot of time in hospital and supporting her family has been a struggle. Providing a good education is hard. Thankfully, Gift is supported by a generous donor.

Since she has left hospital, Gift’s mum works as a cleaner in a local supermarket. Gift wants to be an engineer when he finishes school so that he can support his family. His school sponsor is making that possible.

* Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia students are not eligible for sponsorship as they attend free public schools, funded by the Liberian government.