Sponsorship FAQs

How does Sponsorship at Bridge work?
Sponsorship at Bridge covers the cost of academy fees for one year.  It can also cover additional fees, such as the cost of a pupil’s academy uniform or the cost of hot meals at the academy.  It is a very generous sponsorship that is funded through the kindness of donors from all over the world who believe in the potential of Bridge pupils.

When can I apply?
Bridge pupils are able to apply for the 2015 Sponsorship at Bridge if:

  • They completed Term 3 2014 at Bridge.
  • They were ranked in the top 5 of their entire class in their academy based on Term 3 2014 End-term Exams.
  • They have no outstanding fees that are due.

If a pupil meets these requirements, they can apply for Sponsorship at Bridge on the Bridge International Academies website.  The application entails basic information about the pupil, a short essay, and a photo of the pupil.  All parts must be completed in full in order for the application to be submitted.  Once submitted, each pupil’s application will be reviewed in depth.  Pupils will receive an SMS stating if their application is eligible – or not – for Sponsorship.  Eligibility will be based on the accuracy of their information and the quality of their essay.  Applications without a photo, essay, or any of the other information will be disqualified.

What does the application entail?
The application, which must be filled out online at www.bridgeinternationalacademies.com/sponsorship, includes basic questions about the child’s academy, gender, class, favourite subject, class rank, and exam scores, plus requires a photo of the pupil as well as a personal essay of up to 1,000 words, where the pupil must answer, “How has attending Bridge transformed your life?”

Where can I apply?
All applications must be submitted online at www.bridgeinternationalacademies.com/sponsorship. No paper submissions will be accepted.  Academy Managers can be available to help parents use the online application forms, though parents will need to pay for any costs associated with using a cyber café  themselves.

When can I apply?
2015 Sponsorship at Bridge applications are due by 11:59PM on 31st January 2015.

Does my child need to write the essay him/herself?
Parents may write the essays of ECD pupils.  Parents may also help Class 1-3 pupils with their essays, though it is preferred if the child writes the majority.  For Class 4-8, pupils should write the essays themselves.  Essays may be written in Swahili for ECD, though English is preferred.  Essays must be written in English for Classes 1-8 for pupils to be eligible.

Will all pupils who apply be sponsored?
Sponsorship at Bridge is NOT guaranteed and will be rewarded on a rolling basis, as donors are found and matched with eligible applicants throughout the course of the 2015 calendar year.  It is important to remember that Sponsorship at Bridge is funded by donors from around the world; it is NOT funded by Bridge International Academies itself.  When applying, pupils must understand that their sponsorship application does not guarantee that they will be rewarded with a sponsorship.  Pupils who apply for Sponsorship at Bridge are expected to continue paying their fees, until we are able to match them with a donor.

How will sponsored pupils be selected?
Pupil eligibility will be based on the accuracy of their information and the quality of their essay.  Eligibility does not guarantee that a child will be awarded sponsorship.  As mentioned, sponsorships are donor funded.  We can only award as many sponsorships as we have donors.  Because donors may decide to sponsor a pupil at any moment during the year, rather than only sponsoring pupils at the start of the year, we will be matching pupils on a rolling basis throughout the course of the 2016 calendar year.  We will notify eligible pupils as soon as we find them a donor during the 2016 calendar year.  Their sponsorship will be valid for the following year.

What happens if my child is sponsored?
If your child is matched with a sponsor, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the good news and what is included in your sponsorship.  Any sponsorship funds can ONLY be used at Bridge International Academies for the calendar year the sponsorship is for.  If you remove your child before the year ends, we will have to transfer any remaining funds or sponsorship to another pupil.

What happens if my child is not sponsored?
Unfortunately, not all children will be able to be sponsored.  Applicants should remember that application does NOT guarantee that a pupil will be rewarded with a sponsorship.  If a child is not selected for sponsorship, parents must continue to pay fees as they had in the past until a sponsorship match is found.

For any additional questions, email sponsor@bridgeinternationalacademies.com or call 0732160000.