Sponsor a Pupil

At Bridge, we believe that every child has the potential to change the world – and we’re working hard to make sure that every child has access to the quality education that will allow him or her to do so.  We know you feel the same way and want to join us on our quest to deliver Knowledge for all.  That’s why we’re introducing Sponsorship.  Now you, too, can make a direct impact on a child’s life and reward the academic excellence and passion for learning pupils have shown at Bridge International Academies.

A sponsorship of just $104 pays for the monthly fees and exam fees for a Bridge pupil for their entire academic year!  This includes nearly 50 hours of instruction a week for 11 months, textbooks for every subject, fun reading books, practical learning tools, homework books, co-curriculars, and more.

** Note: Sponsorships provided will be for the 2015 academic year, beginning in January.  The current academic year ends in November 2014.  If you sponsor a pupil now, you will not be matched until 2015. **