Other Resources

There are a wide range of other resources available that are free to download. They provide great ways for your child to learn through games and digital tools.

Smartphone Apps

Find the free apps below on the Google Play Store:

African Storybook – storybooks in English and Kiswahili for grades 1-5. Download storybooks and allow your child to read stories offline. You can search for books by title, grade-level, and language.

Khan Academy – A collection of lessons for maths, english, science, and social studies for all grade levels. Lessons include YouTube lessons, practice questions, and a unit test for each topic. If you can’t watch the YouTube videos, they also include transcripts to read! Requires data to access, but downloaded videos can be watched offline.

PodBean – audio resources, including free audio books. Find children and teen audiobooks to listen to at home with your child!

Prodigy Math – an exciting maths game that combines adventure and problem-solving. Adventures and problems are provided for each grade level. Requires data for usage.


Learning tools for those with internet access:

Scholastic – offers learning journeys for ECD through grade 9. Learning journeys include fun articles and stories for each day of the week.

IXL – provides online practice exercises and problem sets, with corrections for any incorrect answers. Practice exercises are available for Maths and English and for all grades. Although the exercises are aligned to the United Kingdom curriculum, the exercises provide great practice for all pupils. Link here.
Starfall – Lots of resources like readings, games, videos, and activities to improve English and maths skills. Aimed at ECD and Grade 1-3 pupils.

E-Learning for Kids – interactive lessons for pupils through grade 6. Includes interactive lessons in maths, science, environmental, computer skills, health, language, and life skills.

AAA Math – online lessons, practice problems, and games organised by grade and content area.

Science Kids – a web-based collection of fun science experiments, facts, games, quizzes, videos, and lessons for pupils of all ages. The science experiments give you exciting ideas to try out at home!

Audible – Audible has provided free access to all children’s audio stories in six different languages.


If you have printer access, here are some great printed materials that your child can complete at home

Complete Mathematics: The Problem Solving Booklet – a Maths problem set book for pupils of all ages!

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