Mafulo Ashore

Area Manager, Nigeria

Mafulo has the job of bringing out the best in others — something that she believes you can only do when you lead by example.

In order to realise your potential to the fullest, she believes you need to stretch yourself so that you can understand (and overcome) your limits. Her story is so typical of those who work at Bridge — of going above and beyond expectations to deliver amazing results.

Rewind to September 2017 and Mafulo had just begun working for Bridge. She was a substitute Academy Manager — stepping in to provide support where it was needed in the Alimosho area of Lagos State. Just over a year later, her star performance had been rewarded with a promotion to Area Manager, where she now provides support to six Academy Managers and many more teachers, to be the best they can in their classroom.

Her story is an inspiration to others.

Her passion for teaching is obvious; so much so, she was invited to be a part of the training team responsible for supporting EdoBEST — the flagship education initiative of Edo State — which is transforming learning outcomes by training and empowering 15,000 government teachers to use Bridge’s tech platform.

She says, “It was an amazing privilege, one that will live me for eternity. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Bridge team and feel that the little things I do will have big impacts on children, their families and the future of Nigeria.”

Mafulo has renewed the commitment she made to herself when she started Bridge — to be diligent, work hard and help others. Good advice!

She still sees plenty of room for growth in her job, along with some big rewards for her work. She says, with a smile: “The more I learn, the more responsibility I’m given and the more my work matters. It really motivates me to succeed. Big responsibilities mean big challenges!”

Thanks Mafulo!

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