Adolphus Williams

Teacher, Liberia

Adolphus has been a teacher for seven years now, three of which have been at Bridge Liberia J.W. Pearson school. Since Bridge took over management of his school, Adolphus has become enthused about the changes that we’ve made, saying: “Bridge makes teaching easy!”

He’s extremely impressed with the changes made by Bridge, commending the ‘expert’ involvement which ensures that high-quality textbooks, tests and lectures are available. “It’s made life so much easier for the teachers” he explains, “allowing them to focus on what’s really important—teaching!”

The new infrastructure has freed up Adolphus’ time to allow him to expand the lives of his pupils beyond the lessons. Adolphus had a “musical upbringing,” he says, and his students have long benefitted from the singing lessons Adolphus sprinkles through his week. He’s recently taken this passion further, establishing a school choir which has been met with joy by the pupils.

Adolphus has always been a passionate teacher; however, since Bridge reformed the way lessons are run he says that his enthusiasm has increased monumentally. “It’s the 21st century model of teaching!” he insists. “Bridge has made me realise that teaching is the best profession in the world!”

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