Antoinette Bedell

Pupil, Liberia

Fifteen-year-old Antoinette is in Grade 5 at Bridge Liberia, Rock Town. She says: “I live with my grandparents, my mother and my father. We share one house with five rooms. I have four older sisters, who all have their own families.”

Antoinette is ambitious, speaking about the future she declares: “When I grow up I will finish school, finish university and then become a doctor.” She wants to return to her home town when she becomes a doctor, “to help my people,” she explains.

At school, she studies hard at science. She’s already learning some of the things she’ll study as a doctor. Her example: “If you’re pregnant, you should not carry a heavy load for a long distance.”

Science lessons are made extra exciting by teacher Mr Eweh: “who lets us sing and tell stories before the lesson,” she says, “this makes me happy—and when I am happy, I learn more.”

She also likes the use of computers [teacher guides] in lessons, because she believes this means teachers conduct lesson more easily, which helps her to understand.

Antoinette sits with her grandfather Edward.

Her grandfather Edward is equally enthusiastic about her potential. He says that since Antoinette started at Bridge she has been “getting better”, as “the school is very good.”

“I feel happy going to school” says Antoinette to conclude. With her hard-working and positive attitude, the future will be very bright for her!

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