Comfort W. Toe

Pupil, Liberia

Comfort is 14-years-old and attends Bridge Liberia, Jungle Hilltop School. She starts her day at 6 AM when she wakes up to wash and eat breakfast; she then walks to school arriving at 7AM. To begin the school day each morning Comfort and her classmates sing the national anthem and raise the flag. They then go on to their different classes, her favourite subject is mathematics; as she loves the challenge of learning and solving new problems.

After the morning classes she has recess where she either gets in some extra studying or plays her favourite sport, kickball, with her friends. At the end of the day she returns home where she helps out with chores such as collecting water.

Once she gets all her chores done she spends her free time reading books; it’s then bedtime for Comfort, she says: “I get excited for school tomorrow!”

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