Dwen M Wesaye

Teacher, Liberia

Meet Dwen M. Wesaye – he’s a Grade Four teacher at Little Wlebo school. Dwen has been teaching for two years, and says he began because he has “a passion for education.” 

He’d already been teaching, but when Dwen’s school entered the LEAP programme he received some more training. It “really helped me to manage my time,” Dwen explained. He told us that now he has all his lessons in his teacher computer, meaning he only has to spend a small amount of time researching the topics of the day. This allows for more one-on-one time with pupils. 

“My training has made me stronger,” Dwen says. “My pupils have improved so much and I can see the difference.” He explains that some of his pupils come particularly difficult backgrounds and that he tries to offer extra support where it is needed. “Some of my children are refugees from the Ivory Coast, so I am always patient with them” Dwen says. “I love to watch them grow.” 

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