John S. Kerkula

Principal, Liberia

John S. Kerkula is one dedicated Principal. Waking up in his rural village at 5am every day to prepare for school; John doesn’t let anything stand in the way of making his school, In Touch public school, the best it can be. With over a decade of experience in teaching, John has been greatly motivated by the work Bridge has done at his school, and he’s determined to maximise the opportunity.

John is dedicated to, “giving the best I have learned back to my country,” he explains. As a self-proclaimed “proud Liberian,” he wants to see a complete turnaround in learning outcomes for Liberia, and is thrilled so far at the transformation Bridge has made. The main changes he’s observed have been the delivery of high-quality lessons and learning tools. He’s also impressed by the enforcement of a stricter working day for teachers, which makes sure they don’t leave until 3pm.

John prioritises the day-to-day running of his school, making sure everything is going smoothly. He ensures all teachers arrive promptly and stay on campus for the whole day, and that they are conducting their lessons effectively. He’s determined that the school will live up to the expectations of pupils and parents.

Part of the reason John is so dedicated to his pupils is that he is well aware of some of the hardships they go through to get an education. “Many travel several miles to get to school,” he says. “That can include crossing a river on a canoe. There are times the river overflows and they aren’t able to get here at all.” John knows that every day of education counts for these children.

Nonetheless, John is optimistic about the future of his pupils, saying that he has, “some of Liberia’s brightest minds coming from his school.” As the school continues to make strong improvement and pupils achieve higher and higher grades, it seems that under John’s leadership these bright minds will definitely go on to do great things!

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