Jolly Abaho

L&D Supervisor, Uganda

Twenty-six-year-old Jolly Abaho is one of our superstar Bridge Uganda Leadership & Development (L&D) Supervisors. She joined Bridge a few years ago, starting out in the operations team; looking for locations and communities that needed a high performing school. Her job meant that she worked closely with the schools department and got to know lots about what they did.

One of the things that we believe is important, is giving people the opportunity to grow at Bridge. We do this through training, coaching and development not only for teachers but also for the wider team. So, when Jolly expressed an interest in transferring to the schools department it was met with enthusiasm and she joined the team a year later.

At first, working as an L&D Supervisor was challenging; there was a steep learning curve but this motivated Jolly, who felt like she was learning a lot. She did what anyone at Bridge would do, something that is at the heart of our organisation—she turned a challenge into an opportunity.

Fast forward to today and Jolly is supporting a team of seven headteachers in the Mbale and Wakiso Districts of Uganda. There is a lot of responsibility. It’s her job to make sure the schools run smoothly, helping teachers and headteachers to resolve any challenges they may have along the way. She spends time talking to the communities her schools serve and makes sure that they’re part of the schools and the schools are part of the community. She’s busy!

“I’ve seen myself grow in terms of my career over the years. I’ve gained lots of experience from managing so many different people and from interacting with teachers, headteachers and parents,” she says, “This is at the core of supporting the schools on a daily basis. I listen carefully to what people are saying and then we work together to solve any problems. We have a strong support structure at Bridge so that all headteachers know they have someone to call for help. They are not alone and always have a shoulder to lean on. At the end of the day teamwork ensures we get results that everyone is happy with.”

Jolly’s boss—Elizabeth Kanya—who is the Schools Director, describes her as: “A go-getter who always delivers.”

It sounds like Jolly will continue to go from strength-to-strength. In her role she helps the schools team run effectively which in turn helps teachers teach, and ultimately children learn. There is a direct link between the work that Jolly does day in day out and the ability of Bridge pupils to outperform the national average in Uganda’s exams.

Continue to shine, Jolly!

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