Miatta F. Sorzor

Teacher, Liberia

Meet Miatta Sorzor, a Grade One teacher at Bridge Liberia, InTouch Public School in Montserrado County.

Miatta made big sacrifices to be here, moving from a relatively comfortable life in Monrovia to a remote village. Although basic amenities are harder to access, she says that doesn’t bother her because in her new position she is able to make a real difference to society. It also means she’s one of the first to arrive at school every day, and can greet all the students!

Miatta makes sure she brings her own passions to the classroom too, so she can inspire her pupils to get involved in hobbies beyond the academic. Miatta is a budding movie star in her spare time, and so this includes, “singing and movie making, amongst many others.” How exciting!

She’s one teacher that certainly goes above and beyond the call of duty, offering evening tutorials to many of her pupils who live nearby. For Miatta though, this is something she enjoys. “I love my kids,” she explains. With a teacher like her, these kids will definitely go far!

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