Educating Africa’s girls

5 June 2019

Sunday, 16 June is the International Day of the African Child — a joint initiative of the African Union (AU) [...]

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The path to gender equality begins with education equality

4 June 2019

The organisation Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) has just released a major new report looking at gender equality worldwide. The 2019 [...]

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The impact of parenting on education outcomes

29 May 2019

Saturday, 1 June marks the global Day of Parents; an annual event beginning in 2012 following its endorsement by the [...]

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Collaborating as a sector

17 May 2019

The Global Schools Forum (GSF) was inaugurated a few years ago and is a membership body which aims to provide [...]

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Girl with headphones uses onebillion tablet computer

Building partnerships that improve learning

16 May 2019

By Martha Kamundi PhD, Academics Fellow, Bridge International Academies As part of ongoing measurement and evaluation, Bridge has been using [...]

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What Do a Musician, Actor, and Teacher All Have in Common? Guided Instruction

7 May 2019

Written by Sara Merlo, instructional design quality director at Bridge International Academies. Sara oversees instructional design teams across Africa and [...]

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Strengthening gender equality

2 May 2019

Bridge’s strong approach to gender equality is reflected in its performance on the 2017  high-stakes end of primary school exam, [...]

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Reading to learn, after learning to read

16 April 2019

Happy World Book Day! Did you know? April 23rd also marks the birthday’s of famous authors William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes [...]

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Americans come out in support of education public private partnerships

8 April 2019

New nationwide research by global polling company ONEPoll has revealed that nearly eighty percent of US citizens support the use [...]

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