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We work across Africa and Asia to improve learning for underserved communities. We’re data driven and our models adapt to the needs of individual governments. In countries such as Kenya and Uganda, we run affordable schools; in Liberia and Borno and Edo States, Nigeria we’re part of a public private partnership, and; in eastern India we have an infrastructure partnership. We’re flexible wherever we can serve more marginalised communities and improve learning outcomes for children.


We expanded into India after nearly a decade of partnering with governments, communities, teachers, and parents to strengthen education in Africa.

Working in partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, we’re helping turn dilapidated buildings into high performing academies.

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Kenya was where we launched our social enterprise, opening our first school in 2009. We began partnering with the government, communities, teachers and parents to improve education in Kenya.

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Bridge Liberia is part of the world’s most innovative education public private partnership. Working with the Liberian government and, seven other operators, the partnership is rolling out transformational learning to public schools nationwide.

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Our work in Nigeria gives us the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of children. We’re developing a range of partnerships to help improve education outcomes; currently working with Lagos, Osun, Edo, and Borno States.

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We run a range of affordable schools across Uganda, working closely with the Ministry for Education and Sports to help improve education outcomes.

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