Bridge believes every child has the right to high-quality education. We work in partnership with governments, communities, teachers, and parents to support and deliver quality education for primary and pre-primary children in developing countries.


Our mission is to give millions of children a life-changing education.

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Who we are

We believe every child has the right to a high-quality education. We work in partnership with governments, teachers, communities, and parents to support or run schools in underserved communities across Africa and Asia.

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Our Work


We measure success by learning outcomes for children. We believe that it’s not just about ensuring children are in class but making sure that once there, learning is happening.

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Supporting teachers

We believe that an education system can only be as strong as its teachers. So, we're empowering well prepared and supported teachers.

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Success Stories

  • Vincent Kaguli

    Meet Teacher Vincent Kaguli from Bridge, Tuwani. His inspiration to become a teacher started years back when he was in […]

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  • Teruce Nyangasi

    Teacher Teruce Nyangasi is the music  teacher at Bridge, Nyamataro. Here is what she had to say concerning the role […]

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  • Vivian Awour

    Meet Teacher Vivian Awour from Bridge Academy, Usenge in Kenya. Teacher Vivian is the music teacher. Here is what she […]

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  • Justin Kennedy

    Meet 14-year-old Justin. He’s one of five, with two brothers and two sisters. His mother sells ice cream, while his […]

    Justin Kennedy green-right
  • Ann Wanjiru

    Sixteen-year-old Ann goes to Bridge, Dondori in Kiambu County. She moved to Bridge because she wasn’t learning much at her […]

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2019 Uganda Primary Leaving Exam Results

For the third consecutive year, Bridge pupils have outperformed the national average in the PLE. In 2019, 80% of pupils who had been at Bridge for 5 or more years achieved scores in the highest 2 divisions.

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