Bridge believes every child has the right to high quality education and works in partnership with governments, parents and teachers to ensure access to quality education.


Our mission is to provide millions of children with a life-changing education.

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Who we are

We work in partnerships with governments, communities, teachers and parents to improve government teachers and schools, or create schools, in underserved areas across Africa and Asia.

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Our Work


We measure success by learning outcomes. We believe that it’s not just about ensuring children are in class but making sure that once there, learning is happening.

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Supporting teachers

We believe that strong teachers can change lives. A great teacher does more than impart knowledge, they're also an inspiration, a mentor and a friend. So, we're empowering a new generation of well prepared and supported teachers.

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Success Stories

  • Joseph Gbato

    Joseph Gbato has taught at Bridge Liberia J. W. Pearson school for three years now. His pupils affectionately call him, […]

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  • Glory Ziandjo

    Glory is 11-years-old and has been at going to her Bridge school for three years, she’s now nearly at the […]

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  • Immaculate Gitau

    Immaculate Gitau is a first grade teacher at Bridge, Kinoo—one of the first 48 schools in Kenya to implement the […]

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  • Jane Matovu

    “I am so grateful to God for bringing Bridge into our community.” So comes the high praise of 56-year-old Bridge […]

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  • Comfort W. Toe

    Comfort is 14-years-old and attends Bridge Liberia, Jungle Hilltop School. She starts her day at 6 AM when she wakes […]

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Equity of learning in Bridge Nigeria schools

A recent UK Department for International Development report “Learning in Lagos: Comparing Student Achievement in Bridge, Public and Private Schools” made the landmark finding that at Bridge Nigeria schools, there is equity of learning.

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