Bridge believes every child has the right to high-quality education. Learn how our teachers connect, communicate, engage, motivate, and inspire our pupils!


We believe that strong teachers change lives. So, we’re empowering a new community of trained, prepared and supported teachers. A […]

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Great teaching enables great learning

If pupils are the lifeblood of schools, teachers are the organs; working tirelessly to ensure that learning is happening throughout […]

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Our Work


We measure success by learning outcomes for children. We believe that it’s not just about ensuring children are in class but making sure that once there, learning is happening.

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Supporting teachers

We believe that an education system can only be as strong as its teachers. So, we're empowering well prepared and supported teachers.

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Success Stories

  • Ms Enitan Ewas-Agbine

    Meet Ms Enitan Ewas-Agbine, who heard about Bridge in 2016 and enrolled her children in Bridge Demeke that same year. […]

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  • Sackie Roberts

    Meet Kindergarten II pupil Sackie Roberts! Sackie is ten-years-old and attends Bridge Liberia Kendeja Public School. The school is situated […]

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  • Deddeh Beyan

    Meet Deddeh Beyan, a Grade Six student at Weakama Public School in Bomi County, west Liberia. Deddeh is wearing a […]

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  • Dada Jane Nabutere

    Dada Jane is 12-years-old and a recent graduate of Bridge, Malaba in the Tororo District of eastern Uganda. She scored […]

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  • Jackie James

    Meet Jackie James. She’s a Grade Three pupil at Kendeja Public School, located in Montserrado County in northwestern Liberia. She […]

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Bridge@home Mobile Interactive quizzes

To keep children on a path to success, we have created interactive quizzes your child can take directly on WhatsApp.They are Fast: they take 3-10 min to complete, Free: these resources are free just like all @Home resources Fun: They will challenge your child on a variety of subjects.

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