Bridge believes every child has the right to high-quality education. We work in partnership with governments, communities, teachers, and parents to support and deliver quality education for primary and pre-primary children in developing countries.


Our mission is to give millions of children a life-changing education.

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Who we are

We believe every child has the right to a high-quality education. We work in partnership with governments, teachers, communities, and parents to support or run schools in underserved communities across Africa and Asia.

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Our Work


We measure success by learning outcomes for children. We believe that it’s not just about ensuring children are in class but making sure that once there, learning is happening.

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Supporting teachers

We believe that an education system can only be as strong as its teachers. So, we're empowering well prepared and supported teachers.

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Success Stories

  • Rose

    Rose has been the academy manager at Bridge, Mawanga in Nakuru, south-west Kenya since August 2018. She says: “Education is […]

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  • Tejaswini Rani

    Meet Tejaswini Rani, a curious Standard 2 pupil that always listens intently during her lessons! Tejaswini studies at Bridge, Telaprolu—a […]

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  • Cecelia Williams

    Meet Cecelia Williams, an excitable pupil at Nikpachilu Public School.  Her school recently became part of the Liberian Education Advancement […]

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  • Lovetta David

    Lovetta David (above, left) is one of our hardworking Learning & Development (L&D Supervisor) with Bridge Liberia. She trains teachers […]

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  • Rebecca Akankwasa

    Fourteen-year-old Rebecca goes to Bridge, Nsumbi in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. She loves Bridge because, she says: “we get to use […]

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Learning in Liberia

UNESCO’s Vice Chair of the Education Commission, Gbovadeh Gbilia and Head of Education Delivery at the Ministry of Education in Liberia’s co-authored study assesses the learning progress made in Bridge supported schools as part of the Liberian Education Advancement Programme (LEAP).

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