About us: Access to Education and Education Experts

We believe that every child has the right to a high quality education.

The community school programmes began in order to help solve a single, seemingly intractable problem; one-in-two children worldwide are not learning. 

Since 2009, these programmes have provided a life changing education for children in underserved communities, where there is a shortage of learning. They work in partnership with local communities, teachers, and parents to support and deliver high quality education for primary and pre-primary children.

The programmes are data-driven and evidence-based. They have re-engineered every part of the education system, from teacher training and support, to lesson delivery and design, construction, and financial administration; making community schools as effective and transparent as possible. 

The community school model is accountable to families and; numerous independent exam results in each programme continue to show that the schools are a gateway to success.

We are proud to be a partner in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and a UN Global Compact participant.