Agbaje Lateefah Blessing

Primary 6 pupil Blessing joined Bridge, Alhaje Adebowale after hearing that the teaching was really good there. So far Blessing has not been disappointed, saying that since starting, “I understand much more.”

Blessing’s favourite subject at school is English—she says she likes it because it will, “help me to communicate better with people.” She puts extra work into improving her English when she isn’t in lessons, reading stories in her spare time. She also likes watching the news, so she knows, “what happens in the world outside of Lagos,” she explains.

As well as working hard at her studies, Blessing takes on some extra responsibilities in the classroom too. She’s the Line Captain, which means that she leads the class. Blessing wants to continue this responsible attitude in the future, and help bring light and electricity to her community.

When asked about her time at school, she’s full of praise. She would like prospective students to know: “You should come to my school to understand everything!”