Blessing Obiukurum

Meet Blessing Obiukurum, she’s 11-years-old and goes to Bridge, Ibrahim Iyiola. She started Bridge because she was advised by friends that she would be able to learn more.

She loves coming to school every day because she’s passionate to learn more, especially in grammar. She says, “I love being able to learn how to communicate better and to meet more and more people from across the world. I’m working really hard on my English.”

In school, she’s always busy because she studies so hard. On top of tht, she’s a Line Captain too! She explains, “I like this role, it makes me a leader and it helps my teachers.”

Blessing is also very musical. She loves to play the drums. In future, she wants to make it big and become famous all around the world for her drumming skills.

In 2019, Blessing got her results back from the national Common Entrance Exam. She scored a brilliant 141. Blessing was thrilled. She says that for her mother and father, “Education is very important to them so they are so proud of me.”