Meet Teacher Creswel, a Bridge Lagos teacher who specialises in maths and science. Creswel has a diploma in Law, and wanted a job that he would find interesting and would enable him to learn new things.

Well, it’s certainly done just that! “I’ve been learning lots of new ideas,” he says, “and I also have freedom as a teacher.” Creswel has been particularly impressed with the e-learning that’s championed at Bridge. It offers a new experience, “not only to the pupils, but also to the teachers,” he says. “It even teaches us things that we don’t know, because it is written by scholars and experts.”

Creswel loves the chance to work with pupils, saying they “make him feel happy.” He enjoys the fact that “when I tell a pupil something, they really get something from it.”

He’s also found that working at Bridge has really allowed for some personal development, and he has become much more confident. “I’m a leader within Bridge,” Creswel explains, describing how he works with pupils and parents to offer advice and guidance. “Bridge has given me an opportunity to have a voice.”