Fatimat Bisula

Twelve-year-old Fatimat Bisula is a student at Bridge, Alhaji Adebowale in Lagos. She joined Bridge after hearing from her friends how much fun they found it. Fatimat has since discovered for herself that it’s a ‘good school’ where she gets to, “learn lots every day.” Her younger sister Mary-Anne followed in her footsteps, and now is in Primary 1.

Fatimat has big plans for the future. She wants to be a doctor because, “I like to help people,” she says. “I want to see a healthy community.”

She has decided it’s never too early to start preparing. She says that English is her favourite subject because it’s important for what she wants to do. Teacher Bunni makes lessons fun and interesting, and is always happy to explain anything Fatimat finds confusing. At the weekends, when Fatimat is done helping her mum with chores she does extra studying.

She makes sure life isn’t all hard work though. Fatimat likes playing football in her spare time, “It’s fun and it keeps me healthy,” she explains. Meanwhile in school, she takes on extra responsibilities like being Class Prefect, which she really enjoys because she likes having the chance to help her teachers.

In 2019, Fatimat scored an incredible 179 points out of 200 in the national Common Entrance Exam. This is one of the top marks across Bridge and puts Fatimat amongst the best in Lagos! It also qualified her for selection on national merit, which will enable her to go to her first choice of national secondary, or unity secondary school.

Fatimat is looking forward to exciting things ahead; after doing so well, her dreams are very much in sight! Although she welcomes the next adventure, she will miss Bridge, “It’s really helped me a lot,” she explains.