Ngozi Ofodire

Ngozi Ofodire has been teaching at Bridge, Oloto Ring Road for about a year, after moving from another school. However, “the teaching at Bridge is very different,” she says. “I’m really enjoying it.” Ngozi says she learnt a lot about teaching in her Bridge training, which was both “fun and interesting.” The process was quite stringent to get on to, but Ngozi claims, “it was worth it.”

Since the training, Ngozi has totally adapted the way she teaches lessons. She says her pupils are learning much more because now she teaches them through demonstration, so they “always understand,” and adds, “the class is always organised and structured.” Bridge technology helps her to break down lessons to the level of the pupils, “making it easier for them to understand.”

This innovative approach extends down to the way Ngozi arranges her classroom, as she describes how she’s made it an environment that is conducive to learning. “The character board always motivates pupils because they can see their name there and be celebrated—it makes them excited for the next subject.” Meanwhile Ngozi has put up decorations to make the classroom fun and interactive—this isn’t just a hit with pupils, but “parents love it!” Ngozi says.

“I’m really enjoying my job,” Ngozi concludes, “It’s important to me that when pupils leave Bridge they go on to do really well and make their community proud.”