Mrs. Abdul-Wahab

Meet Mrs. Abdul-Wahab, a proud parent of two high-achieving pupils at Mokola Academy!

Abdul-Wahab was happy to share her experiences with the school so far. She said that she found out about Bridge when the school opened in her community back in 2017 and didn’t hesitate to register her two children. This was because she found out just how much Bridge focuses on improving children’s learning outcomes while also helping teachers to use modern pupil-centred teaching techniques.

“Looking back, I am happy that I took this decision,” she said. “I can confirm that Bridge teaches my kids well because I have seen significant improvements in their studies.” Mrs. Abdul-Wahab also mentioned that her husband, Mr. Hameed Abdul-Wahab was the previous Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Chairman at Mokola Academy.

Her seven-year-old son, Mojeed-Toba Abdul-Wahab (who is currently in P3) wants to be a doctor in the future, while her nine-year-old daughter, Moreediyat Abdul-Wahab (who is in P5) hopes to become a medical doctor.

Mrs. Abdul-Wahab concludes: “I believe that with the foundation they’re getting at Bridge, both of my children can achieve their dreams.”