Since our first school opened in 2009, we’ve had a remarkable journey alongside the communities we serve. We’re excited about the future and the difference we can make.

We believe that every child has the right to a high-quality education and are committed to helping every child fulfil their potential.


For two consecutive years (2017-18) our pupils have outperformed the national average in the Ugandan Primary Leaving Exam (PLE). The results released in 2019 showed that boys outperformed girls nationally, but not at Bridge schools; Bridge girls performed better than boys, both within Bridge and nationally. In Lagos, Bridge pupils entered the Federal common entrance exam for the first time and excelled. EdoBEST celebrated the re-training of 12,000 government teachers.


For 4th consecutive year, Bridge Kenya outperformed national average in primary exit exams. We were proud to be selected as a delivery partner for the Nigerian programme EdoBEST that aims to transform education in the State.The Ugandan national exam results were published. Bridge pupils took part in Ugandan primary school exams for the first time and 100% of our pupils passed. We were recognised as the 9th best employer in Africa. Our co-founder, Dr Shannon May, was awarded a ‘Business Women of the Year’ award for her commitment to equality. Partnership Schools for Liberia was renamed Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP).


The number of our academies in Lagos increased. Bridge PSL expanded to south-east Liberia. The Learning in Liberia report revealed impressive learning gains for our Liberian pupils, after just four months, and an RCT evaluation of the first year of PSL showed learning gains of 100% in Bridge-PSL schools. The third year of KCPE results were published with Bridge pupils outperforming their peers by 10 percentage points.


Bridge was chosen as one of the first partners in the Liberian Ministry of Education’s Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) initiative. We opened new schools in India through a partnership with Andhra Pradesh. Bridge pupils sat the KCPE for the second year and surpassed the national average. We won the Global Shared Value award for an, “outstanding record in re-conceiving education for a new market” in Kenya over 2016. Our UK office opens.


Bridge pupils sat the Kenyan primary school exit exam (KCPE) for the first time and outperformed the national average. Academies continue to open in Kenya and we expanded outside of Kenya for the first time. In February, we opened in Uganda to mark the start of the Ugandan academic year. We also opened in Nigeria in September in line with the start of the Nigerian academic year. We were awarded one of six prestigious World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards for innovation in education.


Class Seven was added to Bridge in Kenya. International tests found that our pupils scored 35% higher in core reading skills and 19% higher in maths. Our Co-founders were named Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs of the Year and recognised by CNBC’s “Next List” as innovators expected to change the face of enterprise over the next 25 years.


A new, dynamic tablet application was developed for teachers to use for lesson planning, administering assessments, tracking attendance, and more. Geometry boards, national exam preparation and a wealth of other educational firsts also launched throughout all Bridge academies. Class Six was added to Bridge Kenya and we became the largest affordable school network in Africa. Our US office opened.


The smartphone Academy Manager application was rolled out across all academies. Baby Class and Class Five were added to Bridge Kenya; lesson plan delivery was upgraded and a new green academy structure rolled out. We were declared the fastest growing social enterprise in Kenya, providing high-quality education for families and jobs for local residents.


More academies opened as we had our first substantial expansion outside of Nairobi. Nursery and Class Four were added to Bridge Kenya. Our custom smartphone software was piloted as a way for Academy Managers to monitor pupil progress and manage their academies.


Bridge opened more schools in Nairobi, Kenya. International testing showed that our pupils outperformed their peers at other neighbourhood schools.


The first Bridge academy opened in January in the Mukuru community in Nairobi, offering Pre-Unit (Kindergarten), Class One, Two, and Three. A second academy opened in May. Hundreds of pupils were enrolled by the end of the year. We launched mobile payments to make our affordable fees easier for families to manage.


Bridge established its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We began with the vision to create a high-quality, affordable education system with room to improve and expand. With this in mind, we developed our first teacher guides and lesson plans, following the Kenyan curriculum. 


Bridge is born and research into the Kenyan communities we seek to serve begins.

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